Our services

The Orchestrate Group helps IT departments in operating and delivering better IT services to their (internal) customers. We help organizations in the right direction when it comes to delivering IT services.

Value we bring as part of our Orchestration services include:

  • Realizing efficient sourcing strategies
  • Assessments of organizations and services
  • Consulting services on improvements in sourcing and IT delivery functions
  • Getting most out of IT contracts
  • Realizing efficiency gains in IT delivery functions
  • Reducing waste in IT
  • Lowering overall IT delivery costs, freeing up budget for new business innovations
  • Lower risks in IT operations

Our approach is based on creating an optimum between cost and IT impact. This domain where we will work with our clients in improving IT delivery functions.



The Orchestrate Group helps organization by assessing the current organization, portfolios, services, (sourcing) strategies, operating models, capabilities, financials and help identify the required capabilities and optimization potential.

We use comprehensive assessment frameworks to assess our client’s IT department and take the approach that IT should be managed as a business. The assessment will give our clients insights in core issues and recommendations.

In our approach we will use a series of interviews, workshops and reviews to identify the implications of these recommendations. In our recommendations we focus on improvement potential for IT departments. In our approach we don’t just assess and recommend, but also help implement these changes and help managing the change.

Consulting services


Our consulting service is aimed at not just consulting organizations on orchestrating IT functions, capabilities and sourcing models, but also transfer knowledge by coaching individuals in organizations.

We believe that the knowledge we bring, should be embedded within our client’s organization. We work with our clients and help meeting the required change.

The Orchestrate Group helps organizations and individuals on the short-term improvements as well as long-term business change. The purpose is to improve the performance and optimize IT delivery functions.

In our consulting service, we focus on concrete issues, such as:

  • Sourcing strategies and decisions
  • Commercial and contract management
  • Managing the IT delivery functions more effectively
  • Operating models
  • Service & project Portfolio’s
  • Financial management
  • Knowledge and resource management

Professional services


The Orchestrate Group helps its clients with the temporary provision of management resources and skills. Our approach to interim management is based on short-term assignments.

We help organizations with proven key resources to manage temporary situations, temporary fill permanent positions or manage change in IT supply organizations.

Capabilities we deliver to organizations are:

  • Sourcing management
  • Contract & supplier management
  • Commercial & financial management
  • Relationship management
  • Service portfolio management
  • IT service (delivery) management

Managed Governance service


We believe is that IT organizations should create more business value to their organization by focusing on what matters most to the business. The Orchestrate Group believes that orchestrating IT delivery functions is a capability an organizations do not needs to build itself, but can be outsourced to specialized companies now and in the future.

Managed Governance service is an outsourced BPO service, based on a comprehensive management and governance framework. We help organizations with efficiently orchestrating IT delivery functions together with IT departments. Our approach is based on output measures and a set of shared common goals.

The service includes a number of activities required to run an efficient operation like example:

  • IT delivery management
  • Financial and commercial management
  • Contract & supplier management
  • Relationship management
  • Service quality management
  • Service portfolio management
  • Knowledge and resource management
  • Architecture and control
  • Communications management

The advantage of our model is that we enable IT departments to focus on business value, while The Orchestrate Group takes care of orchestrating IT delivery functions. We work side-by-side with IT departments of our clients.

Architecture as a Service


Architecture as a Service is a service which organizations can leverage in utilizing right architecture questions and capabilities when needed. Organizations do not need to build a full architecture practice with multiple resources to oversee and govern their IT landscape.

It is not Enterprise Architecture; it is a combination of Enterprise Architecture and Solution architecture overseeing technology domains while make architecture executable.

  • Utilizing the right capabilities when needed
  • RoadMap development and Landscape control
  • Assessment and approval on architectural decisions

  • Capability on demand covering multiple technology domains
  • Leverage best practices in a practical manner
  • Control on full architecture and IT landscape
  • Control on full architecture and IT landscape
  • Leverage resources cross multiple clients and technology domains
  • No need to invest in “dedicated” architects for multiple technology domains