At The Orchestrate Group we believe that organisations should practice what you preach. That’s why we work with specialised firms, each in their own domain and orchestrate these as a concerted whole.
Just like we do with our clients. Our strategic partners are:

Outsourcing Hub

Outsourcing Hub is the missing link in the selection process of IT outsourcing among users of IT services, IT service providers and their Third Party Advisors. Outsourcing Hub offers an independent online platform where IT Outsourcers and IT Service Providers can find each other better and earlier. It increases the chance of a real match, reduces the risk of a mismatch and simultaneously reduces the required effort and cost for all parties.

Outsourcing Hub: better selection, better matches, better outsourcing.


Purple Square management partners

Purple Square Management Partners is a group of highly experienced Project and program managers with an average of more than 25 years of experience. We work in the field of business, Information Technology and organizational change. Our approach is characterized by an integrated approach to these three targets. Our goal is to create more value-added and / or reduce costs. We are completely independent and our goals are fully aligned with those of our clients: successful projects at the lowest possible cost. We position ourselves as a partner of the customer’s management.


Louwers IP | Technology Attorneys

Louwers IP | Technology Attorneys is a lean and mean niche firm in the field of IT, privacy and intellectual property. In particular, we operate at the intersection of law and technology. The offices are based in design and technology region Brainport Eindhoven and The Hague. We support organizations in timely identification and interpretation of developments in the field of intellectual property, IT, innovation and technology. We help companies in managing and protecting their interests.

Procedures, contracts, ad-hoc or strategic advice, due diligence and structural support such as contract and IP management? We find the best solutions for companies.



SirionLabs is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS products focused on the post-signature management of complex services contracts. SirionLabs’ proprietary suite, Sirion, significantly reduces the cost of supplier governance function by automating complex procedures across key governance disciplines – contract, performance, financial, relationship and risk management. The high level of process automation cultivates trust, transparency and authenticity in sourcing transactions leading to strengthened buyer-supplier relationships, reduced value leakage, enhanced compliance and deeper insight into performance levels.