Our organization

The Orchestrate Group is an independent IT consulting and services firm, creating value to our customers by realizing care free and efficient IT delivery functions. We act as a conductor in an orchestra, creating, conducting and directing IT functions.

Our vision is that by 2020, IT departments in organizations are organized to deliver business value, and are no longer operating IT delivery them selves.

We are experts in conducting and orchestrating IT functions. The Orchestrate Group understands the key issues and challenges organization face and the core capabilities required efficiently governing and managing IT functions and suppliers. We are a networked organization and have many years of experience in managing, leading and improving IT functions. Our model is based on delivering outcome and results.

Our values and believes are:

  • One team, one mission and shared goals with our clients
  • Establish true relationships and transparency
  • Ignite, motivate and develop the team
  • Deliver customer value every day, not just perform our jobs
  • Behave with consistency & believe in what we do
  • Stand-up and act and don’t waiting for direction
  • We believe in what we do, and do what we say

Our vision on orchestration

We believe there are multiple similarities between orchestras and the way IT organizations should be governed.

Benefits of collaboration in networks have been recognized for some time. The question of how these networks are best managed remains unresolved. A concept that has emerged lately to understand managing in networks is that of orchestration. Researchers have used the language and concepts from orchestras in order to help them better understand business and IT networks.

The organization of an orchestra leads to the outcome: perfect music. Within the orchestra, the end result prevails over all sections and groups. There is one common goal. At The Orchestrate Group we believe IT services can be delivered more effective, using an orchestra as an example.